Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Compliance Infotech Offers Smart Solutions to Comply With Clause 49 of SEBI

Are you looking for a solution to maintain and improve operational efficiency of your firm and ensure compliance with Clause 49 of SEBI guidelines? If yes, legal compliance software system is the right solution for you. This system ensures compliance with all the laws of the land and results in a high level of compliance in your organization. It helps identify all legal issues well in advance and ensures you eliminate all non-compliance issues.

There are various companies in India that offer comprehensive solutions to avoid any penalties, fines, prosecution (criminal & civil), show cause notice, strictures and imprisonment. In this growing technological world, they offer assistance to their clients by using regulatory compliance software. Such technical support fixes to the growing regulatory compliance related issues at almost every organization.

Compliance Infotech is a leading legal support company in India which provides legal compliance software to resolve issues. It has achieved niche in providing compliance management service to its worldwide clients. It has developed a software – Comply 49 – which provides streamlined, automated, and managed document and quality control to help a firm attain and sustain regulatory compliance year after year. It is the web-based compliance management system with online real-time data and regular updates.

Few salient features of Comply49 -

  • It enables you to integrate of all units within the system
  • It helps create a plan for compliance calendar
  • It reminds you of a specific date regarding when you paid tax last time and all by way of pop-ups
  • It helps you update your current status instantly
  • It generates e-reports
  • It helps you create regular reports in a hassle-free way
  • It also enables to create an exceptional report

Hence, contact Compliance Infotech and get the smart solutions online to maintain and improve operational efficiency of your firm and ensure compliance with Clause 49 of SEBI guidelines.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Regulatory Compliance Management Software Services in India

If you are facing heading of regulatory compliance requirements and disjointed quality control processes,  you don't have to worry about it. Hire a compliance software companies.

Keeping in mind the risk of an organization, engineers have developed regulatory compliance software, which several companies use to provide better service to their clients. In fact, the compliance software companies keep every document such as sales expenses accounting, inventories, company's performance, and even those documents required for maintaining personnel profiles. With this electronic service, you will be able to prevent yourself from "unearthing" paper documents that have been kept for a long time in dusty cabinets.

As the word, 'Compliance' suggests maintaining and designing a series of inside controls which are as concrete as individuals who adhere to them, the Regulatory Compliance Software in India is designed to provide a customized assistance.

Many organizations are keen to take the help from the companies that provide assistance with this type of software. The service includes obligations of complying not only with government-mandated industry bodies, but also with local, state, and national guidelines. Once you use the compliance service, there is no doubt or question regarding a regulatory issue about the company. The service provider will produce you reports when needed and keep up on the latest law additions or updates.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Implementing Regulatory Compliance in India From Compliance Infotech

Legal & Regulatory Compliance Management Software is designed to ensure  compliance of all the applicable laws and regulations, which results in broad level of compliance across wise the organization. It results in great governance with an active formulation and a sense of responsibility within the organization.

To govern corporate sector in legal way, it needs to use Legal Compliance Management System. It is essential. It protects the interest of the directors, officers, employees, customers, and investors. The software is designed  to help eliminate the risk of indefensible legal actions by the law-enforcing agencies and provide better risk management. It avoids prosecution for late filing of returns, increased public disclosures and penalties.

If you are searching for The Regulatory Compliance Software Implementation services in India, contact 'Compliance Infotech'. It is a leading legal & regulatory compliance management software solution provider in India. The company provides unique experience, matchless legal and regulatory solutions in multiple industries and business functions. They assist organizations by offering extensive research on the Indian laws and regulations. Contact  Compliance Infotech for The Regulatory Compliance Software Implementation for the following areas-
  • If you want to do strategic analysis of the Company.
  • if want to assess substantial exposure to possession to different authorities, customers, staff, visitors and members of the public.
  • If you want to check compliance program in order to identify weak spots.
  • If you want to offer advice on mitigation of such risk and formulate customized programs
  • If you need to make suggestions on the basis of legal & regulatory compliance industry best practices and experience of other successful implementations.
  • Moreover, the service area also includes creating a detailed requirements documents that outlines technical requirements, compliance project scope and process
  • It helps receive feedback and direction from the clients for the compliance project.
  • The implementation also assists in training your staff

Above all, there are many more expanded areas that the Regulatory Compliance Software Implementation covers. Hire the service to get streamlined,  automated, and managed document and quality control. It will help you attain and sustain regulatory compliance year after year.